One to One Blogging Training

    For Serious Learners Only

    Don’t Read This If You Are Not an Aspiring Blogger

    No kidding, this training is exclusively for people who want to start a real blog so badly. And continue reading, only if you really think you’re one of them. So anyone who reads after this line is expected to be an aspiring blogger.

    This is going to be a one-to-one training program. That means I will be personally giving you a walk-through training about starting a blog and finally setting it up through live Google Hangouts or Skype sessions. 

    Exclusive Features of the Blogging Training

    This will be a live one-to-one blogging training conducted over Google Hangouts or Skype sessions. The total duration of the training program will be 4 hours, and it can be covered as hourly sessions. The timings of the hourly sessions will be fixed in advance. 

    What’s included in the training program?

    Picking a niche for your blog
    Getting a domain name
    Getting a hosting plan
    Getting a WordPress theme and installing it
    WordPress Plugins
    Designing your blog pages
    Email marketing basics on MailChimp
    Setting up Google Analytics
    Setting up Google Search Console
    Writing your first blog post and publishing it
    Revenue generation ideas from blogging (basics)

    What do you get after the training?

    A professional looking blog where you can write and publish blog posts.
    Ability to manage a WordPress blog/website all by yourself.
    Skillset to write appealing blog posts.
    Knowledge about tracking blog/website visitors and organic traffic.
    Revenue generation ideas from your blog (basics)

    Note: Before you enroll in the training program, you can make use of the free consulting that I offer to aspiring bloggers. You can discuss with me your blog ideas and future plans. This will help me design a training program that is more aligned with your blogging plans.  Also, as this is a one-to-one training program, only one aspiring blogger (student) will be enrolled in the training program at a time.

    Charges for the Training Program

    • USD 70/- 
    • INR 5000/- (for Indian users)
    • Payment for the training can be done through PayPal or Bank Transfer.

    Additional Expenses

    • Buying a domain name
    • Buying a hosting plan
    • Buying a WordPress theme (optional, but highly recommended)

    About Me

    My name is Surej Shams. I am a full-time Internet Marketer and a Blogger based out of Bangalore, India. I love helping people learn Digital Marketing through my resources.

    If you are interested in joining the training program or getting the free pre-training consulting, you can email me on Or catch me on LinkedIn here. 

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