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    Getting a Job After a Career Break in India: A How-To Guide

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    I have been through it, the obvious questions about those gaps in my career. It is not easy, especially if you live in a country like India, where a career gap is still considered a taboo. And the reality is, you cannot always avoid it. Sometimes it becomes a necessity, and you need to figure out…

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    40 Email Marketing Tips That Will Help You Send Campaigns like a Pro

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    Everything that you do in Marketing has to be result oriented. And Email Marketing is no different. You need to focus on improving key metrics like open rate, click rate, and delivery rate to find exceptional results from Email Marketing. When done right, Email is one of the most effective…

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    Books that will help you succeed in your online business

    7 Books That Will Help You Succeed in Your Online Business [2019]

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    Are you an entrepreneur? If yes, you would have already realized the power of books in your life. And if your business and life are so much into the digital world, here’s a list of books that you must read before 2018 ends. Some of these are new titles and some others have been in the market for a while…

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    Digital Marketing Career Options in India

    Digital Marketing Career Options vs. Your Qualifications [Indian Scenario]

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    So, I have been meeting a lot of young aspiring Digital Marketers after coming to this field. And interestingly, there is a good percentage of them getting into good job roles in reputed companies. But there is quite a considerable bunch of people who are still confused about this field. Some of them are…

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