The digitug story

    Hey there,
    My name is Surej.

    I started Digitug with the idea of helping small businesses in setting up their social media accounts and campaigns.

    After finishing college, I worked for a couple of years in Sales roles and felt more like I’m reaching nowhere, I was somehow hopeless. I wanted to do something that I really loved, and that took me to this idea of starting a small digital agency.

    As I slowly took the steps to make this dream come true, my ideas got more streamlined. Instead of an agency model, I chose to focus more on value addition to people seeking help in Digital Marketing.

    And that took me here.

    Digitug today offers Digital Marketing Resources, Consulting and Custom Support. I really want to help people who want to learn Digital Marketing for them and for their business.

    Through Consulting and Custom Support I’m aiming to help small businesses and entrepreneurs who are just getting started with building their digital presence.

    Digitug aims to bring every business and entrepreneur out there to the digital forefront through the resources, consulting and customized support to best meet their challenges in the digital space.

    I would be really happy if you learned something new from one of my resources. Or if you are looking for some help in setting up your digital assets, feel free to contact me today.

    All the best

    Surej Shams

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