How It All Started


    Hey there,

    This is a little bit about me and how I started this blog.

    My name is Surej Shams. I first started Digitug with the idea of helping small businesses in setting up their social media accounts and campaigns.

    After finishing college, I worked for a couple of years in Sales roles and felt more like I’m reaching nowhere, I was somehow hopeless.

    I wanted to do something that I really loved, something where I could use my best skills. I liked writing content, social media and was a fan of great looking websites.

    All this brought me to this idea of starting a small digital agency.

    As I slowly took the steps to make this dream come true, my ideas got more streamlined. Instead of an agency model, I chose to focus more on value addition to people seeking help in Digital Marketing.

    And that took me here.

    Today, I offer exclusive tips on Digital Marketing, Blogging & Productivity on this website. My aim is to help people who want to learn Digital Marketing for them and for their business.

    I also offer consulting services to small businesses and entrepreneurs who need help in setting up and growing their digital presence.

    I would be really happy if you learned something new from one of my resources. And feel free to reach me on if you’re looking for some help.

    All the best,

    Surej Shams

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