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    Hey there, thank you for showing interest in the 7 day Digital Marketing course. 

    This course is aimed at the very beginners who want to kick-start their Digital Marketing journey. Currently, this course is divided into 7 lessons which will be delivered to you through a 7 day period.

    All the lessons will be delivered as emails, and you are free to reply back if you have any doubts.

    This 7 day course covers the basics of SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing & Affiliate Marketing in a simple and easy to read manner. I have also included a lesson covering career advice on Digital Marketing. And as a bonus, you will also get access to a free website creation worksheet, which will allow you to create a website on WordPress without paying a buck.

    So why wait, jut enter your details and enroll yourself right away.

    And don’t hesitate to write to me on if you have any queries or feedback.

    All the best,

    Surej Shams

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